This Girl was Sexually abused by her Uncle in car and checkout how She responded to it bravely!
This Girl was Sexually abused by her Uncle in car and checkout how She responded to it bravely!


20, girl.

When i was 16 years old, we all went for a family trip. We took our three cars and sat accordingly.
It was night.
I was sitting beside my uncle. He was so good at making us laugh so without giving it a second thought, i sat beside him at the last seat of car. We were laughing, playing cards and totally chilling.
After 2 hours we all fell asleep.
When i was sleeping, suddenly i felt there is something on my breast.
I was deeply shocked when i found out it was uncle’s hand. i just took a side turn so that he would take his hand off but he didn’t. He continued doing that stuff.
I was so scared and thinking out what to do meanwhile he placed his hand on my right thigh and started touching my private parts.
I started sweating like i’m out of energy. I couldn’t even move.
And suddenly driver stopped the car nearby a shop to purchase water bottles.
I came out of the car and changed the car
I felt like telling it to my mom but i couldn’t.
A year ago, we all went out of the city for marriage, i was changing in my room and then he knocked. When i opened the door, he started asking me how i am doing and patted on back.
I just gave him a tight slap and told him to stay away from me as i know what he did three years ago. I told him i’m not that decent girl whom he can touch whereever he wants.

“Touch me and i’m gonna bust your a*s now” i said this and went out of the room.

I haven’t told this to anyone yet but i taught him a good lesson.
Now whenever i’m around, he hardly is able to utter a single word.

PS – if someone is doing these kinda stuff to you, raise your voice.
Don’t act like a coward as i did.

I wanted to tell about him to my parents but his daughter’s smiling face came in front of my eyes everytime i thought of revealing it to my mom. Unfortunately i could not.
His actions prove that he is guilty of his bad deed so i’m letting it go 🙂