Entering Indira Gandhi Delhi Technical University for Women as a freshman is an experience like no other.

From being clueless about everything to figuring out your life gradually, it is a bumpy ride. From being hesitant of studying in an all girls university to being proud of studying in South-Asia first all Women’s University, the beauty of this transition is one worth experiencing!

Just one year in IGDTUW and you come to realise how the atmosphere compliments you as a person and acts as a catalyst for you to enhance your personality. The opportunities that you find here to grow up as an individual are endless. It is just wonderful how seeing girls leading all societies, all positions of leadership becomes a common sight. A world where women can lead seems no longer unreal to you. You get to unleash your real potential and here, there’s nothing holding you back. Experiencing freedom like never before, you get to speak your mind. You learn to lead. You learn to manage things on your own. And your confidence reaches new heights. Lovable faculty and considerate seniors continuously guide you towards taking the correct path and refining yourself better.

Busting the myth that an all girls college is a boring place, you welcome life completely. The gossips, the shopping spree, to the crazy parties, you build friendships that last over a lifetime. This place keeps you motivated all the time. You will end up dealing with studies in your own way. You discover your strengths and your interests over time.

Innerve and Taarangana, the two very heart beats of IGDTUW lay out an extensive platform for every student to showcase their talents and uniqueness.The motivation quotient is high, and so is the enthusiasm.

One year and it teaches you a lot. Freshman year at IGDTUW prepares you for life, for engineering and it pushes you to find your place in this world!!!