Here, you are going to see the complete story of chocolates.Like what is the history of chocolate, who found the first chocolate.How were chocolates made? How are chocolates made today? What was the importance of Chocolate in the history?Why is chocolate such a sweet edible treat across the world and how chocolates became popular?

chocolate in boxWhen was the first chocolate found?

The first time chocolate was found during the Maayan civilization around 4000 years back.4000 years is like 2000 years before the birth of Jesus Christ.At that time the cocoa trees from which cocoa beans were taken.The beans were fermented and roasted and to which milk, vanilla, spices, green chilies were added and everything was mixed and put in the form of the paste.This taste was bitter that people thought to use it as a medicine.cocoa beans

Why was chocolate considered a bitter beverage?

The paste of cocoa beans was mixed with milk, vanilla, spices, green chilies and everything was mixed in the form of a paste.The paste was so bitter.People started calling it as a medicine.So if somebody got injured or was not feeling well, immediately this paste was applied.Thus for many years, people used chocolate as a medicine.Hence chocolate was earlier considered as a bitter beverage than a sweet edible treat.chocolates decorated with gems

When was chocolate considered as a sweet edible treat?

Down the years, someone had accidentally poured sweet into the cocoa paste and after tasting it.People considered cocoa beans as the sweetest thing on this earth.chocolate sticky

Where are the cocoa trees found today?

Today mostly cocoa trees are found in Africa and Central America.In fact, 70% of Cocoa trees are grown alone in Africa.Ivory Coast in Africa constitutes 43% of the cocoa trees available on this earth.chocolate nuts

Why chocolate is considered as the “food of the gods”?

Earlier cocoa was considered as a bitter beverage.But once people found it sweeter, everybody started calling cocoa as “food of the gods“.As if something similar to money is going on the tree.chocolate preparation

How was the secret of Chocolate reached Spain?

Once an army from Spain had attacked somewhere near Africa and instead of Plundering gold or silver.They took the cocoa paste with sugar ingredients and reached Spain.When the empire of Spain came to know about it.He thought it as some kind of gold or silver.On consuming it, the king and the rich people of Spain were so happy, that everyone wanted to keep this chocolate thing a top secret from the rest of the world.This is how the secret of chocolate reached Spain.chocolate beans

Why chocolate is considered as “Feast of the Royal or Royal Feast”?

Because chocolate was only consumed by the rich people.The middle class or the poor people were deprived of having chocolate.Hence chocolate is considered as “Feast of the Royal or Royal Feast“.paste of chocolate

For how much longer, chocolate was maintained as a secret by Spain?

Nearly 100 years, Spain was successful in maintaining the Secrets of chocolate.

How did the secret of chocolates reach the entire world?

Nearly after 100 years, Spain had maintained its secret.Then a wedding took place between the daughter of King Philip III and French King King Louis XIII.After the marriage, daughter had taken some chocolates to France.Slowly, the people of France came to know about the secret of chocolates.After some years, the secret was known to all the neighboring countries of Europe and finally, the whole world came to know there is a thing called chocolates.A girl eating chocolate

What were the further Developments in chocolate after that?

In 1828, the first Chocolate machine was developed and from which the first chocolate bar was made.In 1847, Fry and Sons, a company in England made the first chocolate factory.So that many chocolates can be created at a single time and in 1875, Daniel Peter son-in-law of Henri Nestlé accidentally dropped chocolate into the milk.Thus milk chocolate was made.Hence Nestle is famous for its milk chocolates.Chocolate bar

After some years, companies like Cad bury and Hershey thought why chocolates are only consumed by rich people alone.Thus they imported Raw materials from Africa, made chocolates and distributed to the entire world.chocobar

Thus all of us including you and me, are enjoying chocolate every day.

This is the complete story of chocolate.

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