Meet Jayavel Chelliah who has been set as a role model to unwealthy people and inspiration for many youths and students. Jayavel Chelliah’s parents were involved in farming before 1980s but after crop failure in 1980s, his family shifted from Nellore to Chennai in search of job. But due to lack of job opportunities his family started begging in streets of Chennai.


“We used to sleep on the pavement. If it would rain, we would try to find other shelter in any nearby shop until the cops came and chased us out of there,”

Jayavel told in an interview.


After Jayavel’s father death his mother became an alcohol addict. Jayavel’s earnings would be spent on his mother’s addiction.


Jayavel’s life changed after meeting Uma and Muthuraman, Uma and Muthuraman were a couple who genuinely wanted to help Jayavel and other people who were in pavement. Uma and Muthuraman planned to make a video story on them in the name of ‘Pavement Flower’.

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“My people actually didn’t like them. We even tried to hurt them as we had so many people approaching us under the pretext of helping. But they would use our name to get the government funds,”

Jayavel recalls.

As People understood that Uma and Muthuraman wanted to help them genuinely, they also changed their attitude positively towards them. In 1999, Jayavel was offered a chance to complete his education through their NGO, Suyam Charitable Trust.


After Passing his 12th std, Jayavel applied for Cambridge University’s and successfully cleared entrance examination. Further Jayavel was offered a seat at Glendwr University in Wales to study ‘Performance Car Enhancement Technology Engineering’.


After Completing his education, Jayavel wishes to help running the NGO and change the lives of many more street children in the years to come.

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