I am a student.I have done a big mistake in my life.I have failed in my exams by not studying.Now I just feel humiliated to face the people around me.Although, I receive great support from my family and friends.
I feel worse sometimes when I think I have disappointed my parents who made me feel like I have made the wrong choices in my life.

Dude, I know you are not a dumb kid.Maybe you have been out of focus during your exams and you have taken the exams for granted.

Careless shepherd makes excellent dinner for a wolf.

It means, if you study hard you become a cunning wolf and if you have taken your exams for granted, you become a careless shepherd.
Next time when the exams are approaching you should become a cunning wolf.Never ever take your exams for granted.

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Good friends, good books, and a sleepy conscience: this is the ideal life. – Mark Twain

The main problem now is you have failed in your exams and failing in exams is hurting you.
So the best antidote I can give you is “Success comes from experience and experience comes from failure” and this experience has made many people ask many questions and it is also asking you.

So to give you an answer I have got an inspirational story for you.

The story is about an Indian girl who failed in her 6th standard exams, but with her hard work and firm decisions she became UPSC all-India second topper.She cracked the Civil Services exam in her first attempt.

One point I want to highlight to you is “She did not take any coaching for the exams.She studied everything on her own”.

Her words were “If I can do it, everybody else can, and nothing can stop you.”

This is the same girl who once failed in her 6th grade, is now the same girl who has topped in her UPSC exam.

FYI, UPSC conducts civil service examination every year and it is one of the toughest exams across India.UPSC stands for Union Public Service Commission.

If you want to apply for this exam, then you must apply UPSC online.
Once you apply for the exam you will be allocated UPSC admit card.The UPSC notification starts in the month of February and it has got three stages and the UPSC result is announced in next year March.
If you want to know, more about UPSC click here.

UPSC toppers at Rashtrapathi Bhavan, New Delhi
UPSC toppers at Rashtrapathi Bhavan, New Delhi

Other than civil services examination, UPSC also conducts Indian engineering services, Combined defense services.

Apart from IAS(Indian Administrative services), IPS(Indian Police services) and IRS (Indian Revenue Services), there are excellent opportunities to work as UPSC accounts officer and many more.

For more details about the various types of posts filled in UPSC exams, click here.

The official website of UPSC is www.upsc.gov.in and the UPSC helpline is 011-23098543 / 23385271 / 23381125 / 23098591.

This girl’s name is Rukmani Riar.She is born and bought up in Chandigarh.When she was in her 6th class she moved to a boarding school named Dalhousie’s Heart Sacred School, Himachal Pradesh.

It is a typical Indian school like any other normal school in India.There unable to cope up with pressure, she failed in her 6th class exam and that became the most embarrassing moment in her life.She felt scared and depressed sometimes.Then a fire began to spark inside her and her inner voice gave her the answer “This is the first and last time, I am going to fail”.

As a result, she started asking questions to herself.Slowly, she decided to persist and come out of that phase.She promised herself that she will work hard and give her best in future exams.After that, she did her class 12 from Shivalik Public School, Mohali.

UPSC topper Rukmani Riar during her school days
UPSC topper Rukmani Riar during her school days

The ability to overcome failure is one big difference between successful and mediocre people.

Rukmani Riar chose to be successful that means if life had given her a setback in the form of a failure then she decided to search her dreams. She wanted to touch the star.

She completed her graduation in social sciences from Guru Nanak Dev University, Amritsar in 2008, which is just a reputed university in India and at that moment she decided she will serve the nation.She decided to become an IAS officer.

Now she had become a fearless bird.She started her preparation for the Civil Services examination.Although she was preparing for the UPSC exam, she also started studying a master degree in social entrepreneurship from the Tata Institute of Social Sciences (TISS) in Mumbai, 2010. This was the time she opened her wings.She consistently topped her class.And meanwhile, she had made up her mind, she will give her best in preparing for the UPSC exam.

UPSC topper
Rukmani Riar motivating through her speech

Mind you, this is her 1st attempt in UPSC exam.

Two things happened She received Gold Medals in all three years in the University and in 2011, she scored 1327 out of 2300, securing AIR-2 in UPSC exam.These are her UPSC marks.

She cracked the civil services examination with political science and sociology as her main subjects.

UPSC Topper Rukmani Riar Message to the students immediately after she came to know she got AIR-2 in UPSC Exams
UPSC Topper Rukmani Riar Message to the students immediately after she came to know she got AIR-2 in UPSC Exams

There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work, and learning from failure.

I will say her journey was not easy, but it was not impossible too.Although there was a point when her life had called her a failure, today she is an IAS officer.This is Rukmani Riar for you, the girl who cleared the UPSC exam in her first attempt and has made everyone so proud, believing that one day you too will make us proud.

So if anyone you know has ever failed some point in their life, then you can share this post with them and turn their failures into a blessing.

I hope you got some inspiration today.

So see what you like the most and do it. You will not only find your life meaningful, but you will find a purpose in your life.

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