UPSC Preparation for Civil Services is very tough. But Smart ones wont leave the subject of Polity .


Polity comes in Prelims, Mains and Interview. So its best if you start your preparation with UPSC and if you are a beginner , get the best faculty and study material.

Trivia – Polity is the only subject which comes in Prelims, Mains and Interview.

Why Students should Stress more in Indian Polity for UPSC 2019 ?

Because many students can easily cope with subjects like History , Geography , as they even prefer to start preparing for Civil Services with these subject.

Whereas Indian Polity is the one which will always connect you with the society , interacting with mates and current affairs .


Indian Polity will catch your pulse from the beginning in your preparation.The best place to begin.

From Exam Perspective

No. of Questions in Polity from 2015-2018

I will just reveal you the number of questions asked in Polity every year.This data is important.

  • In 2015, 13 questions were asked.
  • In 2016, just 7 questions were asked.
  • and in 2017, 22 questions were asked.
  • and finally, in 2018, 11 questions were asked.

This data is very important , as previous year question papers will cramp your mind.Everything will pre-occupy the mind rather than clarity.

I will update critical informations like these based on your questions for Indian Polity.

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