Taarangana, the annual cultural fest of Indira Gandhi Delhi Technical University is an opportunity to witness the best talents of the city on stage and appreciate them. It brings together opportunities to prove your skills, put yourself to test or simply, enjoy a casual day out with friends. The electrifying energy in the atmosphere and the awe-inspiring talents keep you hooked and excited. The plethora of events give ample chances for everyone to showcase their skills in their own niche.

Taarangana is a welcome fresh breath of air for the students at IGDTUW, as the fest brings as much excitement as its preparation: the momentum building up from the day of the announcement of dates of the fest to the revelation of the names of the stars to hit the stage at Taarangana.

The fest begins with an inaugural which is graced with the presence of students and faculty alike. This is the formal beginning of the two days of the college which summarise months of hard work of the entire organising team. The campus is buzzing with people from multitudes of colleges across Delhi-NCR, practising their vocals, rehearsing their moves or going through scenes with their teammates. Meanwhile the music galvanizes the crowd. The various groups swarm over to different stalls.

As a foodie, one can not help cherishing the variety of delicacies that the food stalls hoard.

At a distance one could observe a long queue of people waiting to get their shot at paintball. The teams are brimming with competitiveness, ready to charge on the opponent! The less violent people can hunt out the hidden treasure to win amazing price or gulp down enormous amounts of food and win gifts!

The funevents are endless.

For people with a taste in fashion with sense,Taarangana presents Lilac Dreams. This is where fashion is not just style but a statement representing their beliefs. Watching the young, bold and confident struts of the fashionistas is a unique experience.

The mirth of dance and song cannot bury the voice with a purpose: Nukkad Natak bring to notice hard hitting issues making an impact on the audience. Some teams win and lose, but each team manages to be heard by the people.

Another event popular among the crowd is ‘Blind Dating’: an event for the single people to find their date or a friend to hang around during the fest.

Taarangana is a time to lose all your inhibitions and have a great time drowning the beats of the world and untangling yourself from your demanding schedules and commitments. It is the best chance to live carefree.

The two days are packed with more events than you can imagine. People from all across Delhi NCR turn up for this fest.

So what are you doing on the 3rd and 4th Feb? Drop all plans, attend Taarangana. You won’t be disappointed!