Yup! What you read is truth. A Study has proved it Recently by Dr. Rieger. A Study was done by Doctor Gerulf Rieger from the Department of Psychology at University of Essex, and result was shocking that 74% of women surveyed were attracted to bisexual and lesbian. The study had a series of videos of nude men and women that was shown to 235 women, and they monitored closely. The most common indicator of sexual attraction was dilation of pupils, which was considered as result of close monitoring. 74% of women among the 235 women were seen experiencing hunger for sex after watching the videos. Although, female is one of the stunning creation of god on earth, though its no surprise that it continues to explore its own kind.

group of teens

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As we know, now that women that majority of women attracted to their own kind, and fall in to lesbian or bisexual mode by other nude and attractive women.


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“Even though the majority of women looks Sanskari, but the study has clearly said that majority of women attracted to their own kind, that result in bisexual or lesbian but never sanskari,” Dr Riegler says.

Make sure you aware your women before she goes to any pajama party or kitty party with her female friends.